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    Welcome to Adirondack Rustic Furniture

As a nationally recognized rustic furniture artist, Jim Howard shows his works in many galleries throughout the country including New York, Sun Valley & Park City, Utah, Jackson Hole & Cody, Wyoming, Vail, Colorado, and Seattle, Washington. His rustic art has been featured in various books on rustic furniture including Chase Reynolds Ewald's Cowboy Chic, Ralph Kylloe's book Rustic, & Contemporary Western Design, by Thea Marx. The magazines Adirondack Life, Log & Timber Style, Log Home Design Ideas, and Cowboys & Indians have recently featured photos of his work. Jim started creating rustic pieces in the late 70’s when there were, “just a few of us making rustic furniture in the Adirondacks of New York State” where he lived. He is currently building and creating in Seattle. His work always adds a very unique and rustic feel to any room of your home. He builds each piece by hand and every one is signed and numbered. Jim gladly accepts custom orders, although due to his busy flying schedule and current orders in the works, you may have a few months wait for your piece(s). Jim's history of working with sticks, twigs, bark, metal & leather in his art of making rustic furniture is a passion that lives in him every day. "There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about creating something unique. It doesn't matter if I'm flying, skiing, or just driving down the road, I'm always thinking Rustic. It's just a way of life I have lived for so long and it will never leave me till the day I die."


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